Ram Run Auction

We are putting 12 high value pieces of fitness equipment into an ebay auction that will close January 13th so Ram Runners will be able to see the equipment on display the day before. All proceeds from the auction go to The Wooden Spoon.

View these great prizes in the photo list below and let us know if you wish to be advised when the auction opens. There will also be a “buy it now” price – 50% of new price, some saving! AND every winner gets 2 free entries into RamRun3



This top qualitystrength and fitness equipment is from York Fitness showroom clearance. They are as new These items will be sold on ebay - without reserve

The final day will be January 13th, the day after Ram Run2 so RamRunners will have the opportunity to see the display of equipment. We will advise all entrants when the ebay sale opens

The code numbers - go to www.yorkfitness.com to check out the detail of the equipment

100% sale proceeds go to The Wooden Spoon - a brilliantly effective childrens charity. Brilliant for them and for you and every winner gets 2 free entries to Ram Run3

 No. Item description York code
1 Lat pull down with bicep curl and low row attachment 48051
2 York Flex Bench with leg hold down and preacher curl and leg development attachments 48004
3 Chrome dumbbell Club pack on tower.                10 pairs 1-10kg 33063
4 Standing Punchbag - Bodyshape BBE852
5 Olympic Fixed Flat Bench built into squat stand for 7ft Olympic or oversized 1" bars 48006
6 FTS York Press/Squat Stand 48057
7 Standing PunchBag - Bodyshape BBE 582
8 York 50kg Cast Iron Dumbbell and Barbell Set 2433
9 York 50kg Cast Iron Dumbbell and Barbell Set 2433
10 York 50kg Cast Iron Dumbbell and Barbell Set 2433
11 York Dialtech 32.5kg Dumbbell Set
12 York 540 Folding Squat + Bench
Preacher Curl Attachment
YORKFIT Lat Machine
 Flex Bench with Leg Hold Down
Chrome Dumbell Clubpack - 1 to 10kg (10 pairs)

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Phone 024 7669 3632 / 07808 789597   info@stoneleighfit.com